Emergency Care

When we're open

During opening hours please call on 01443 711644 us if you have an emergency. If your pet is having difficulty breathing, collapses, is having seizures, has uncontrollable bleeding or severe trauma please make your way straight to the clinic but always try to call ahead on 01443 711644 to let us know that you’re on your way and what the emergency is so we can ensure that the vet is prepared for your arrival.

When we're closed

To provide the best quality of care during the day, sadly the same team cannot work throughout the night too. We have opted to team up with VidiVet and Valley Veterinary Hospital and their expert overnight staff so if an emergency should arise whilst we are closed you can easily get the help you need. We recommend that all clients get in touch with VidiVet first unless it’s an obvious emergency, in which case call Valley Veterinary Hospital on 02920 001454


We've teamed up with VidiVet to ensure all our client's concerns are covered 24/7. Whether your pet has eaten something they shouldn't have, doesn't look quite right or you have a burning question about your pet’s health then rest assured you'll get high-quality expert help and advice at the touch of a button. VidiVet will triage your pets condition offering you next step advice and guidance, whether it's monitoring them at home, booking an appointment at Oxford House Veterinary Clinic or a visit to Valley Veterinary Hospital for out of hours emergency care.

As a member of Oxford House Veterinary Clinic you will receive this service free of charge, so please sign up today!